Hello and ahoj everybody!

My name is Auri and I am a creator from Czechia. As a highly sensitive person, I was always drawn to nature and music. My main professional field is biology, ecology and animal welfare and the cello accompanies me most of my life. I started to play as a six years old girl and and it stays with me ever since.

As an adult, I rediscovered my passion in cello and I’m trying to make it the most important part of my professional life, although I’ve never considered myself a “good enough” cellist or a musician.

If you want to follow my path and my story how I am working on redefining my life and how I’ve been living it so far, visit my YouTube or Instagram.

If you like my work, I would be delighted to see you also on my Patreon page, where you can download the sheet music of my cello covers and where you can get my music in higher quality.

Thank you for stopping by. ❤️