What should I check when buying a cello?

“Do you have some advice on things to look for when trying out the cellos that are available?”

Here is the list of things that I highly recommend to do or check:

1. If you have a teacher or a friend who is more experienced, take them with you (or bring the cello to them)

2. Make sure you have the right size (4/4 for adults, possibly 7/8 for small adults)

3. Make sure the cello has no cracks in the wood

4. The endpin has to be adjustable

5. Pegs and fine tuners should allow you to tune the cello easily

6. Look in as many shop as you can

7. Don’t be afraid to try out each cello until you find what is the most comfortable for you

8. Look for lack of wolf tones

9. You should like the sound, try to play a few pieces of different feels (slow, fast, with heavy vibrato, thumb position)

You can find more helpful information here.